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AFK and alter egos by geruru AFK and alter egos by geruru
Well there had to be a reason why such a stumpy lass like AFK could live through antics like sniper-fighting zombies at almost melee range, out running a slasher , bathing a werewolf and not getting owned. The personification of AFK's "shadow" from the prior pic, and AFK's alter-ego, simply dubbed "Von Slayer"

This one took around 4 days, I looked up Michael Koelsh's Earthworm Jim posters as reference for the painting style and went to town with the drybrush, watercolour and dry media brushes in Photoshop, I had to re-paint the face and sword multiple time before I was satisfied with it. and having characters in poses holding weapons is still one of my drawing demons, though I think I handled this one kinda well.

And yes, all Monster Slayers need whips, Simon Belmont set the standard, and the others should pay attention .
Seppukumaru Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
Ah, so there's the secret behind the shadow. How did she end up with this form, though?

I don't see any problems with the way you made her holding the weapons, and the painting is very nice and detailed. And that scary whip has range, I don't see how anything could escape from that.

Keep up the great work. ^^
geruru Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2009
Something invoving the hat. I'll probably do more on that another time though.

And yes that whip is supposed to be pretty beastly, something that would make a Belmont proud, too many whips get drawn as a string on a stick, this is something that could lash somebody a good distance away... though having said that Simon Belmont's whip was basically a rather long flail with a maceball on the end in a few of the titles.

Probably gonna do some fun stuff after this one, plus I have that Goemon Meme to fill in still, it's been sat half-done and I need to go finish it.
Seppukumaru Featured By Owner May 1, 2009
Not the best whip for working indoors, though (it'd probably be hard to use it without catching it on the ceiling and/or breaking everything in sight). I imagine that's where the sword comes in.

Oooooh, I'd love to see the meme if you finished it at some point. :heart: And whatever other fun stuff you have planned, too.
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April 28, 2009
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